About US

Woo-Javi was born out of frustration, confusion, despair, pressure, adversities but most of all out of resilience to rise above all of the social norms and status quo.

Woo-Javi is a platform where you can be unapologetically you… perfectly flawed you.  There is no need to filter your life on here, you can be as transparent and vulnerable as you like; share raw unfiltered moments not just snippets of you living your best life and looking your best… save your perfect persona for other social outlets, because let’s face it, keeping a social persona can lead to depression, anxiousness, self-esteem issues and/or feeling more disconnected from society.  Woo-Javi is a place where you can feel free to share the truth not for likes, views, follows, or clout but just because you want. Your self- worth will no longer be measured by the reflection of numbers. You can stop trying to keep up with other people judgements; you no longer have to post Mawkish content to impress people who are insouciant in your life. Be authentic… you are not alone and there are others who can relate to you. On Woo-Javi, you have the choice to stop comparing your life to other lives highlights . We all go through situations and experiences, so enjoy engaging with other Javians who share similar mental health, physical health and/ or common interests.

Note: Javians are a group of people who have overcome adversities and refuses to stay stagnant because evolution feeds their souls.