When Did We Become Just Numbers and Likes

When did it become so hard just to be you. Life can be very exercrable and enervating. Social media has created desentized and clot driven culture. I miss the days when friends actually care about what was going on with you, instead of did you like their pic today. Have you ever got so stressed out about something you posted on social media?…the anxiety is real! Users of social media often complain of depression, anxiety, insecurities, and self-worth issues.

Can you believe we live in a day and age where we take 37 selfies just to post the right one? Or to write a witty caption, just to edit it 20 times to just delete it. Or to post content, just to delete to repost it for views. I don’t know about you but i’m so tired of trying to keep up with my own social media persona. I find my continuously trying to out doing my last post, while comparing myself to the highlights of other peers. The pressure for acceptance and popularity can cause anyone to have a mental breakdown. People have the temerity to cyber bully from behind the keyboard but in person will show you fake love.

What I find most disturbing, is people are insouciant to our feelings. Onlookers have the temerity to judge and bully us on content we choose to post. Our social media page should not have to live up to the standards of the world, yet we continuously seek validation from people who do not give two craps about us. It feels as if our value is reflected by our number of followers, likes, and views. Trying to enthral user over and over with great content is exhausting. The ineluctable judgement from strangers has changed the ambience of social platforms.

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